With the completion of the construction phase in 2015, the “Caleb Boys’ House” was inaugurated. During the eight-year construction phase, we encountered many apparently insurmountable hurdles. They stood before us like giants. And as Caleb overcame the giants in conquering Canaan, we had to overcome the hurdles. This is how the boy’s house was named “Caleb”.

It offers space for up to twelve boys from broken family backgrounds and has already become a home for the first 7 boys.

Andi and Elvira Wall are the current house parents and have been on duty for almost 2 years.

How we help

In the Caleb boy’s house, we offer adolescents a protected atmosphere to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Accompanying your school career, we offer private tuition in all subjects to keep you open to a wide range of professional opportunities.

We also strengthen your self-esteem by promoting sporting, musical, creative or craft skills.

We promote their social contacts through meaningful leisure activities and activities in youth groups.

They train their sense of responsibility through various tasks in the house, yard and garden.

Regular house devotions and the example of the Christian faith should motivate the boys to live their lives out of the same motivation and to do good.

All boys are allowed to stay with us until they can entertain themselves and find their place in society.